BMA Payroll is much more than a payroll services provider. We help our clients when they suspect or discover they are victims of tax fraud. As an advocate of payroll tax-fraud awareness, we'll educate you regarding how to defend your company from something that, unfortunately, runs unregulated in our industry. Being defrauded for payroll taxes has the potential to devastate both your local economy and your business.

For example: A client of ours (who formerly used a metro New York City payroll company) started receiving notification letters from the IRS and the State of New York's Division of Revenue that the company's payroll taxes were unpaid. Shockingly, this client also received reports from the payroll company officially documenting their payroll taxes as "paid." Wouldn't you rather work with a payroll provider that protects you from tax fraud (instead of causing it)?

Given some of the horror stories we've heard from several clients...

We formed an alliance with other industry-related professionals in 2009 called the FPP Victims Group. The mission of this alliance is to enlighten clients and other business owners about payroll tax fraud and educate them how to protect themselves from it.

Upon request, we also help clients who have been defrauded to prosecute their previous payroll provider. And as mentioned on the Transparency page, we (politely and ever so professionally) refuse to work with accounting firms that expect a commission or referral fee when one of their executives introduces us to you.

Fiercely passionate about client advocacy, BMA co-founder Greg Stappas sent a letter to New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance in 2010 highlighting the economic evils of payroll tax fraud. Greg also requested Congressman Lance to consider proposing legislation to Congress that would safeguard business owners against such fraud from occurring.

We continue to fight for our clients' payroll solvency and educate business owners about the perils of payroll tax fraud. BMA works with a strategic ally, Allied Wealth Partners, to share combined knowledge regarding fraudulent payroll processing via ongoing monthly lectures for business groups like the Small Business Administration. If you suspect your company is the target of payroll tax fraud, we encourage you to contact us before your business suffers financial losses that could lead to a bankruptcy filing.