No Middleman

It's important to know that BMA Payroll will never get between you and full access to your sweat-equity-earned funds. Our "no middleman" approach to handling your payroll taxes ensures no one (as in absolutely no one) touches, uses, accesses, or redistributes your funds but YOU.

By not functioning as an invasive intermediary regarding you payroll assets, we increase your flexibility, tax-wise. You maintain full control over your funds. So when company cash flow isn't as strong as it should be, you can replenish it before your payroll taxes are due for payment.

Medical-practice owners who need the freedom to use their funds in advance of paying health-care-related taxes particularly appreciate and benefit from our hands-off approach. Feel secure in knowing that BMA will NEVER harness the power of your payroll funds for its own benefit. We treat our clients' cash the way we manage our own funds-with much respect.