BMA Payroll Works Seamlessly with Accountants

At BMA Payroll, we understand the pivotal role accountants play in ensuring the financial well-being of businesses. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our seamless collaboration designed specifically for accountants like you.

BMA Payroll offers a comprehensive solution to streamline payroll processes and elevate financial management for businesses. By integrating BMA Payroll into your workflow, you gain the ability to efficiently manage payroll tasks, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and compliance reporting.

How We Work with Accountants

1. You Refer to Us

If you’re tired of handling payroll for a client, we will take over.

2. Back Office Services

We provide payroll to your CPA firm and you can set the rates for your clients. We are your back office.

3. Acquisitions

If you want to exit the business, we will acquire your book of business.

Benefits of Partnering with BMA Payroll:

Efficient Payroll Management

Simplify and automate payroll processes to save time and reduce errors.


Tax Deductions Made Easy

Navigate tax complexities effortlessly with our integrated tax deduction features.


Streamlined Compliance Reporting

Ensure compliance with ease through our user-friendly reporting tools.


One Convenient Log-in

One convenient place to find all your payroll clients, and just one log-in to remember.

The synergy between accountants and BMA Payroll enhances payroll efficiency and strengthens the financial management framework, contributing to the success and growth of the business served by accountants.

Happy Business Man with Payroll Company

Making the switch to BMA Payroll is easy!


You provide preliminary information.


We run an audit and address any problems.


We transition everything worry-free.

Schedule a call with Paul or Greg and get easy, transparent payroll services with outstanding customer service!