Client Stories & Case Studies

Explore the success stories and transformative outcomes experienced by our clients through BMA Payroll’s personalized solutions. Our top-notch customer service has provided clients with timely solutions and peace of mind again and again.

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Fraud Protection for Medical Practice

BMA Payroll not only saved a medical practice $720 annually but also prevented payroll tax fraud initiated by their previous provider, Priority Pay, which impounded over $10,000. This action led to IRS penalties, but BMA’s solution ensured transparency and control. 

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Immediate Savings for a Medical Practice

BMA Payroll not only delivered immediate savings of $4,988.40 for a medical practice switching from Paychex but also addressed a temporary cash shortage for the client. By providing flexible payroll processing, BMA ensured timely paychecks for the principals. 

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Reduced Overhead and Expenses for Pool Supplier

BMA Payroll delivered substantial cost savings of over $14,000 annually for a 60-employee commercial and retail pool supplier, enabling the owner to reduce overhead and enhance net profits during an economic downturn. 

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Resolved Numerous Problems for Granite Contractor

BMA Payroll rescued a granite contractor from numerous issues with Paychex, quickly eliminating processing errors, reducing costs by 75%, and improving customer service, resulting in substantial annual savings of $3,471. 

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One-Person Payroll Too Expensive for Contractor

BMA Payroll efficiently resolved the issue of an expensive one-person payroll for a contractor, resulting in a 67% cost reduction, increased cash flow, and net profits, as the client switched from ADP to BMA. 

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Reduced Payroll Administrative Fees 80%

BMA Payroll saved a custom manufacturer 80% in payroll administrative fees and increased net profits and cash flow by introducing cost-effective solutions that allowed the client to afford new equipment and achieve a total savings of $12,600.