BMA Payroll is a family-owned and run company located in Neshanic Station, Branchburg Township, New Jersey, and brings over 45 years of specialized experience to small to mid-sized companies.

BMA was originally founded in 1977 as a strategic planning services firm. But, we shifted focus toward payroll services after owners Paul and Greg & George Stappas witnessed “big box” payroll bureaus taking advantage of small businesses. They were lacking transparency and providing terrible customer service. That’s why we are totally transparent with you, and work to protect you against payroll tax fraud that has happened with other providers.

The Stappas Family, founders of BMA Payroll
The Stappas Family, founders of BMA Payroll

Fueled by a passion for empowering businesses, Paul Stappas and co-owners Greg & George Stappas embarked on a mission to offer better, more transparent payroll services and outstanding customer service to small businesses.

BMA has helped hundreds of small businesses and continues to provide payroll processing services that not only achieve substantial cost savings but also prioritize superior customer service, top-notch quality, and transparent simplicity.

This commitment translates into tangible benefits for BMA clients, enabling them to improve cash flow, reduce tax burdens, secure financing, lower overhead, and effectively manage growth.


At BMA Payroll, our vision sets us apart from the crowd. We entered the payroll industry driven by a profound belief that we could redefine the client experience in ways that many other providers fall short: Providing payroll services that are easy and affordable.

We don’t adhere to the way the big payroll companies do things, we view our role not just as a payroll service provider but as a dedicated partner invested in the success of our clients. We’re a family company committed to going above and beyond, offering small business payroll solutions that are completely transparent and correct the first time, every time.

Our mission is rooted in the conviction that by understanding the unique needs of each client and delivering tailored, transparent, and value-driven services, we can truly make a meaningful difference in their financial well-being and business growth.

Geroge Stappas at trade show

Client Stories

Fraud Protection for Medical Practice 

BMA Payroll not only saved a medical practice $720 annually but also prevented payroll tax fraud initiated by their previous provider, Priority Pay, which impounded over $10,000 and lost it. This action led to IRS penalties, but BMA's solution ensured transparency and control as we do not take power of attorney from our clients.

Temporary Cash Shortage for Medical Practice

BMA Payroll not only delivered immediate savings of $4,988.40 for a medical practice switching from Paychex but also addressed a temporary cash shortage for the client. By providing flexible payroll processing, BMA ensured timely paychecks for the principals. 

Reduce Overhead and Expenses for Commercial & Retail Pool Supplier 

BMA Payroll delivered substantial cost savings of over $14,000 annually for a 60-employee commercial and retail pool supplier, enabling the owner to reduce overhead and enhance net profits during an economic downturn.

Numerous Problems for Granite Contractor 

BMA Payroll rescued a granite contractor from numerous issues with Paychex, quickly eliminating processing errors, reducing costs by 75%, and improving customer service, resulting in substantial annual savings of $3,471.

One-Person Payroll Too Expensive for Contractor

BMA Payroll efficiently resolved the issue of an expensive one-person payroll for a contractor, resulting in a 67% cost reduction, increased cash flow, and net profits, as the client switched from ADP to BMA.

Excessive Payroll Administrative Fees for Custom Manufacturer

BMA Payroll saved a custom manufacturer 80% in payroll administrative fees and increased net profits and cash flow by introducing cost-effective solutions that allowed the client to afford new equipment and achieve a total savings of $12,600.

Making the switch to BMA Payroll is easy!


You provide preliminary information.


We run an audit and address any problems.


We transition everything, worry-free.

Schedule a call with Paul or Greg and get easy, transparent payroll services with outstanding customer service!