Case Study: Temporary Cash Shortage for Medical Practice

Prior Payroll Company Paychex
Number of Employees 27
Payroll Frequency Bi-weekly
Cost per Year $6,000
Number of Employee States 1
BMA Small Business Payroll Fee $1,011.60
Client’s Total Savings with BMA $4,988.40
Savings Percentage 83%

CLIENT’S PROBLEM—Temporary Cash Shortage:

A new client, the owner of a medical practice, switched from Paychex to BMA Small Business Payroll and gained immediate payroll-processing savings. But despite the savings, this new client faced a temporary cash-flow problem. As a result, the principals were contemplating delaying/forgoing their own paychecks.


Since we do not impound tax funds into a private bank account, we advised the medical practice’s owners that the taxes did not have to be paid for five more days. Thus, BMA could process their paychecks on time. The business would have the funds available in five days for payment of the required taxes. Had our new client remained with Paychex, this straightforward solution never would have become reality.