Easy, Accurate & Responsive Payroll For Your Small Business

Small businesses in NY, NJ, CT, and beyond trust BMA Payroll for expert payroll processing and customer service you can actually get on the phone.

Payroll is Personal

No one wants to have problems with their paycheck or taxes. Putting food on their table is a
sacred responsibility.

Family Owned

We get small businesses because we ARE a small business, serving clients since 1977.

One Focus

We only serve small businesses with 1-49 employees, and we only do payroll - no 401k or health insurance upsells hiding around the corner. Instead we integrate with your providers and make sure your payroll is right.

Honest and Transparent

You should never be suprised by nickel-and-dime fees from your payroll processor.

Payroll Shouldn't Be a Headache

Between ever-changing taxes, work from home compliance, and benefits, payroll is complicated. If you don’t have an expert looking out for you, you’ve got expensive headaches waiting for you.

Business Owner Happy with their Payroll

We Manage Your Payroll So you Can Manage Your Business

You didn’t become a small business owner so you can spend your evenings learning the ins and outs of payroll, but payroll mistakes can cost your company big time.

When you have an expert payroll partner, you limit exposure to fraud, ensure compliance, and keep your employees happy without having to become an accountant.

Small Business Owner Happy with Payroll

Why BMA?

"It's old-fashioned personal service."
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Mary Simses
Principal, Simses and Associates
"BMA solved a Pennsylvania tax problem with a single phone call my prior payroll company couldn't or wouldn't fix."
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Chris Lester
President, Professional Planning Services, LLC
"I strongly recommend and urge all business owners to examine their services."
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Mary Lugar
President, CKD

It's Easy to Switch


We download info from your current provider's portal.


We audit the info for accuracy and help you fix anything that is incorrect.


We switch everything over without giving you a mountain of paperwork.

Business owner happy with their payroll services

Make Payroll Easy

BMA helps you solve payroll problems before they start.