Workman's Compensation Pay-As-You-Go

Worker's Compensation Services in Branchburg, NJ

You can pay your workers' comp premiums automatically each payday with our Pay-As-You-Go service. Each payment is based on the actual payroll calculations which are then submitted electronically to the carrier.

  • No large pre-payments or surprise year-end bills
  • Improves cash flow
  • No more checks to write
  • Reduced chances of a year-end audit

Workman's Compensation -Traditional

BMA Payroll of Branchburg, NJ has developed strategic partners that act as a liaison between your business and the workman's compensation carrier who provides the coverage. Your broker will analyze your current policy and payroll records and make sure you are properly covered and there are no gaps to cover and savings to be had. Your broker will also review your policy on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to make sure you have the best possible coverage. Not only that, you will also have someone in your corner to advocate for you if there are any kind of claims or issues against your account. Contact us today to learn more about our worker's compensation services.