BMA Payroll has nothing up its sleeves (except hard-working arms). We have nothing to hide from our payroll-services clients. As explained on the Flat Monthly Fees page, our pricing structure is truly "what you see is what you get." (Software developers fondly remember this saying as WYSIWYG.) Because our flat rates are exactly that, your payroll services are all inclusive, with no hidden monthly or annual charges waiting to pounce upon you in unexpected surprise.

Additionally, we will never ask you to sign a contract that locks your company into term periods regarding our payroll services. And because you can use BMA Small Business Payroll on a month-to-month basis, there are no termination fees. You'll never need Superman's X-ray vision to figure out our business practices-we have no hidden agenda beyond offering secure, reliable payroll processing.

We are transparent in our business dealings in other important ways.

Are you aware that it's common practice for accountants to ask payroll companies for some type of referral/finder's fee when successfully matching them with new clients? Furthermore, by law, any accounting firm involved in this type of relationship (i.e., lubricated by referral fees) must declare these payments and be upfront about them with the referred client. To us, this doesn't seem an ideal way to build a clientele...

BMA takes a more candid approach to working with its strategic partners in the accounting field. We'll accept a direct referral from an accounting firm, but only if we are the best fit for that potential client. Our accounting partners choose BMA Payroll to help their clients, not their pockets. We don't offer referral fees as compensation to our accounting partners. You can put your mind at ease-any potential "conflict of interest" is a non-event at BMA Payroll.