HR Content Library & Tools

Human Resources Library

BMA Payroll's HR Content Library & tools is a complete on-line attorney reviewed library of human resource (HR) compliance that will assist you with everything from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees to performance reviews and termination. The HR library and human resource support is a great tool specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses and is very simple to use and navigate.

HR Content Library & Tools key features:

  • State HR Related Laws covering areas like unemployment, FMLA, drug testing, and record keeping. In this section, you can click on any of the 50 states and get specifics about the local state laws related to HR.
  • Human Resource Support covering areas like performance review, discrimination, labor law guidelines, employment law checklists, payroll practices, and more.
  • Recruitment & Hiring covering areas like taxes, hiring processes, sample job descriptions, recruitment processes and interviewing support.
  • Forms and Policies covering areas like HR audits, government forms, employment and HR notices, sample employee handbooks, sexual harassment policies, vacation and paid time off policies, workplace safety and more.
  • HR Applications and Tools covering issues like exempt vs. non-exempt employee matters, salary benchmarking and employee cost calculators.
  • Resource Center providing tools and links to validated data and information on federal laws, disability, diversity and a broad based FAQ feature.
  • BMA Payroll HR360 Library - Guided Tour