Paul G. Stappas

Co-Founder and CEO of BMA Payroll

Paul G. Stappas, Co-Founder and CEO of BMA Payroll in Neshanic Station, New Jersey, previously provided strategic-planning services to small and mid-sized companies for over 30 years. A former consultant, Paul founded BMA after witnessing too many small businesses fail or declare bankruptcy due to unsavory practices by large payroll bureaus.

Fruitless partnering with one major payroll provider after another (at the beginning of BMA's tenure) led Paul and his son and business partner, Gregory Stappas, to realize they could enter the payroll industry and do so much more for their clients. With Paul's guidance, BMA provides payroll processing that delivers to its clients substantial cost savings, superior customer service, top-notch quality, and, above all, transparent simplicity. In return, BMA clients can improve their cash flow, reduce their tax burden, obtain financing, lower their overhead, and manage growth.

As a small-business expert, Paul is a prolific speaker engaged by many professional organizations and businesses to conduct educational seminars throughout the U.S. He is the author of The Stappas Perspective, a newsletter full of strategic-planning advice for business principals and leaders.

Paul has been a featured columnist for The Business Umbrella (serving the small-business community) and profiled in publications such as Inc., New Jersey Business, Mentor Magazine, and numerous daily newspapers. His broadcast appearances include Fox News, WABC-TV's Eyewitness News This Morning, and talk radio.

Paul Stappas is a graduate of Bradley University (Peoria, Illinois), where he received a Bachelor of Science with a focus on business, finance, and marketing. An active supporter of the AHEPA Cancer Research Foundation (District 5-New Jersey and Delaware), Paul Stappas lives in Branchburg, New Jersey.

"We appreciate how wonderful and reliable you have been from day 1 for us. Thank you!!"

Taly Russell, Silverchair Partners, LLC