Pay Cards

Provided by Brinks Money.

What is Brink's Money?

Convenient - Cost Effective - Paperless

Brink's Money Prepaid MasterCard® is a fast & easy way to distribute payroll to your employees. It enables your company to reduce costs and gain operational efficiencies while providing a valuable benefit to your employees. It works just like a debit card and can be used anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted - stores, restaurants, online retailers and even for online bill pay.

Employer Benefits

As you increasingly seek ways to reduce expenses, the elimination of paper paychecks presents one such opportunity. But, while direct deposit is a widely accepted payment form, millions of employees in the U.S. remain unbanked or choose not to have their pay deposited into a traditional bank account.

With Brinks Money Pay Card Service, you can provide your employees all the benefits of direct deposit pay while reducing costs at the same time.

Benefits of enrollment include:

  • Maximize direct deposit enrollment
  • Cost-effective - Reduce amount of printing and distribution of paper paychecks, and of lost or stolen checks
  • Environmentally friendly - Paperless payroll card solution generates less waste
  • Seamless setup - Easy to integrate with your current system
  • Fast - Instant issue pack inventory means no waiting for employees' cards to arrive
  • Dedicated Support - Implementation and Client Services teams help with setup
  • and any issues
  • Corporate tools - Single, Web-based access point for enrollment, real-time funding,
  • and reporting (plus, training and communication materials)
  • Helpful - Great solution for workers without access to traditional bank accounts
  • Accessible - Employees get paid, even if natural disaster strikes as there are no paychecks that need to be distributed at the office or via mail

Employee Benefits

  • Fast & reliable - Wages are available by 8am CT every payday
  • Saves time & money - No more waiting for paper paychecks
  • Secure - Money is held in a Card Account that is FDIC insured through the card issuer
  • Helpful tools - Text and email alerts
  • Simple - No recurring monthly cardholder fees
  • Accessible - 40,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, free over-the-counter (OTC) cash withdrawals at participating MasterCard┬« member banks, and no cost Skylight Checks
  • Easy to use - Can be used for purchases anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted (in stores, restaurants, online retailers and even for paying bills online). Some bill payment services are subject to fees. See the Online Account Center for details about the range of bill payment methods offered through third-party service providers.
  • 24/7 Support - Account information is available when you need it online or over the phone4